Monday, November 19, 2012

Changing Metas: Part 2

So I promised a followup on my first tourny experience in my new meta so here it is.  First off, I had some misconceptions about the tourny and had prepared 2/35 pt lists w/Reinforcements. This was not the case as it was a Foodmachine charity drive so it was 1 list no reinforcements and 2013 Steamroller Rules!

So I chose to use my Harbinger list as I have played it more and it wouldn't have the super hard counters that Silent Bob has.

First opponent was Chris running Makeda1:

-Molik Karn
-Aptimus Marketh
min Karax
min Ferox
Tyrant Commander and Standard
Tyrant Rhadeim

New scenario with 2 offset objectives. You can score on each but you gain extra points for having your caster "dominate" your opponents. Basically control you opponents with you having your caster within 2" as well.  2 points for controlling your own and 3 for dominating your opponents. First to 5 wins.

Sets up on side with hill and has places for his models to hide behind during his 1st turn advance.  I set up with Harby in the middle flanked by a Reckoner on each side and Errants in front, Nicia on the side and everything else behind.

Opponent goes first and pretty much runs everthing forward and hides his Ferox, Rhadeim and the Archidon behind a big ol boulder and has the Karax run forward and the rest shuffles up behind them with Makeda casting Savagry on Molik Karn and Defenders Ward on the Karax.

My turn. 3 focus to both Reckoners. Errants move up and take a few pot shots at the Karax and kill 3. Reckoners get battle and assault forward and 1 hits the Archidon behind cover and the dice catch fire and do something rediculous like 14 damage to him. The other misses a Ferox. Vassal shots also miss. Nicia advances behind a wall. Harby pops feat.

Opponent drops Defenders Ward but upkeeps Savagery. Molik Karn fatewalkers himself and walks up pops an Errant and eventually kills Nicia behind the wall, he takes negligible damage from the feat. The rest of the models shuffle themselves so they don't take blast damage. Archidon tries to contest and take out a Reckoner. charges out of control area and into Awe range but still hits and does 6 damage.

Reckoners get 2 focus. Battle on Reckoners and the Archidon takes damage and a Ferox goes down. Errants shoot up 2 more Karax and I end my turn. 2 CPs

Opponent upkeeps Savagry and has Karn go up and kills some more Errants and fatewalkers himself. Marketh juggles Savagry onto Rhadeim and Tyrant commander uses press forward on him as well and Tyrant commander advances to contest. He then goes on an extreme flank ties up my Hierophant but misses due to Awe. Makeda pops her feat and holds fast on the hill. Karn fatewalkers himself up next to her and on of the remaining Ferox and the standard. Archidon tries to contest and take out a Reckoner. Charges out of control area and into Awe range but still hits and does 6 damage.

This is the turn for exploding dice for me. I hand out some focus to Reckoners and shoot Marketh and kill the archidon. Harby floats over and drops a POW 19 Cataclysm on Rhadeim de-catting him. I forgot that he was a dragoon and curse myself for having the Harbinger so close to him with armor piercing as she has matyred for about 4 damage and could conceivably be 1 shot. Vassal goes and walks into combat with him and shoots him with his Arcane Bolt and rolls fire and rolls and 11 followed by a 12 to kill Rhadeim!  I kill the Tyrant commander and 1 more Ferox. 

Molik Karn Frenzies! Up till this point I haven't talked about tickets and rerolls as they weren't too imporant but my opponent re-rolled his dice twice for the frenzy check and still fails and Karn kills that last Ferox so they don't come back from the feat. Tyrant Commander comes back. opponent decides to jam what he has left to block CP gains.

this turn I mop up the Tyrant commander again and gain 2 more CP. pass turn.

Karn recovers and due to side step shenanigans gets into good position and blocks me from winning on scenario this turn and Makeda blenderizes some Errants and casts Defenders Ward on herself.

I give Reckoners focus and cast Purification and shoot Makeda and then the second Reckoner drops her.

rough game for my opponent as even when he had me reroll it wasn't enough to make me miss.

 Opponent 2 was Yann running Skarre 2:

Revenant Crew
2 pistol Wraiths

Scenario has 2 rectangular zones and an objective. The objective is a mortar with some wonky aiming rules. You score points by destroying your opponents objective or holding or dominating the zones.

Yann pays 10 tickets so Errants do not advance deploy.

Yann goes first and pistol wraiths into the zone and and Arcnode as well. Deathjack advances and casts the armor buff on himself. Everything else advances.

1 Reckoner gets 3 focus the other gets 1. Harby advances and casts Purification and drops the Armor buff and Admonition off an Arcnode and pops feat. Nicia runs and engages both pistol wraiths. The fully loaded Reckoner assaults and damages up the Deathjack.  I realize I have nothing better to do wit my other Reckoner and have him use his 1 focus to assault his arcnode in the zone to mostly just getup the field. Miraculously he hits with no focus. knocks out his movement and I consider this pretty darn good. Errants run and spread out to get lots of coverage to try and negate charges and shooting. Vassals enliven reckoners.

Skarre pops feat and picks herself, Deathjack, Regrave, Quartermaster and Arcnode. Pistol Wraiths move away and end up killing Nicia and deathchills a Reckoner. Deathjack slams the other Reckoner but fails to knock him out of the zone. Blackbanes goes on an extreme flanking maneuver and take no damage. Revenant crew shoot some errants but I martyr to keep them alive.  uses the mortar to kill some support.

I give the deathcilled Reckoner 2 focus. choir battles, and he kills a pistol wraith, gets ancillary attack and kills the other. Errants again run, tieing up the Deathjack so he won't be able to walk up to my Reckoner without taking freestrikes and getting a toe in the zone. Book goes up and does no magic in range of the Deathjack. I use the mortar to attack a pirate near Rengrave and roll fire again with the blast damage enough to kill him but Yann spends tickets to make me reroll so he lives.

Pirates advance and start charging Errants. I use martyr to keep the one in the zone alive but take a lot of damage. Rengrave then aims into combat and pops the last Errant like a boss! Deathjack gets focus and decides to take 1 freestrike to kill the Reckoner and again damage explodes in my favor the deathjacks cortex gets taken out removing all his focus! he does kill an Errant and heals himself as I couldn't martyr anymore. Blackbanes run to engage errants, book and reckoner.

I load up the Reckoner near deathjack with 3 focus and give the other 1 focus. Harby casts purification. choir chants battle and the Reckoner completly wiffs his turn! Out of 5 attacks he connects with 1. Oh well, those good dice rolls had to be countered somewhere. I kill the arcnode in the zone with the other reckoner. remaining errants try and hurt the deathjack but flop as well.

Yann, realizes I have no magic weapons engaging his pirates and promptly charges the Harbinger and they dirtnap her.

Super tough game but man it was fun! Yann walks away with 2-3 CP, I honestly don't remember since I can't remember how this one was scored. Sorry guys!

Round 3 Jonathan with Venethrax:

Wraith Engine
min Bane Thralls with UA
min Bile Thralls

Scenario is Sacrifice and has a 12" circle zone on one side and a flag on the other. Big change on rules is that what ever is causing you to score points takes damage and if for some mysterious reason you find a way to not take damage from POW 20 feat damage you can't score. This part of the scenario was promptly forgotten by myself and Jonathan. Again first to 5 CP

Jonathan also pays so my poor Errants don't advance deploy.

Jonathan runs things up and casts the armor buff on Venethrax.

3 focus to both Reckoners again. Errants move up and pop 3 bile thralls. 1st Reckoner Assaults and catches Jonathan off guard and blasts his Seether hard and takes out movement! seeing my luck I use the vassal to hit him again. I then move Nicia up to try and get another Bile thrall so I won't get purged on and miss range by 1/4" and realize I move her into the assault corridor that I had built for the second reckoner to shoot the Seether again. I decide to make the best of the situation and shoot his arcnode and again dice explode and leaves him with 3 boxes but no node anymore. I have the Vassal make him shoot again and kill the Bile Thrall Nicia should have killed. Harby cast purification and feats.

Jonathan decides to get the Seether forward to contest the zone and is about 1 1/2" from Reckoner. Wraith Engine goes in and tries to kill Nicia but can't hit her defense. Everything else sits where they are to not take damage.

3 focus to jacks again. Harby casts Crusaders Call. Reckoner kills seether and shoots the other arcnode. Other Reckoner kills Wraith Engine. Nicia charges into Banes and fails to kill her charge target but kills the arcnode and sprints to engage back 4 models. Errants charge in and kill a few and quick work the last Bile Thrall. 2 CP Scored.

Jonathan move his node and Venethrax up and camps.

At this point I end it by loading both Reckoners up and beating down Venethrax.

Great day as I met a lot of new people and had a good time. I would like to say that I didn't mention re-rolls unless I thought they were important. Also I think I did well because of key points when my dice just decided I needed to win, not because I was really out playing everyone.

So going 2-1 with all them CPs I got second place!

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