Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Fast Five! Day 2

Alright Day one I was able to pump out a really big chunk of these dudes.  The fact that they are 85% flesh helps with that tremendously!

The next few steps aren't quite as detailed as my Five Step Flesh.  But I will walk you through a few of the recipes I used as I finished up... uhhh... Yeah, I finished them :P


So with the armor I started with a VMC Flat read, and laid down a heavy wash of Citadel Badab Black wash.

This gives a really dark base point to start with.  Really allowing me to get nice shading on the armor.

Next I highlighted the armor with VMC Vermillion. Really trying to hit the higher flatter portions of the armor, being sure to leave a nice dark shadow showing.

I then added some Rackham Lahn Yellow to the VMC Vermillion... not sure on the ratio's... just got a brush full of the yellow and mixed it into the red on my pallet, until I got a nice reddish orange color... kinda like the color of trout meat, or salmon... then I added that layer of highlight to the armor.

At this point I start hitting the metallics... VMC Gunmetal for all the silver and then VMC Old Gold for the gold portions.  (Ill note that when ever painting metallics over a white base coat I will always lay down a dark grey or black base coat for anything I paint silver, and a yellow or brown basecoat for anything I paint gold).  Also in this pic I have used P3 Menoth White on all of the wrappings, and washed them with a heavy Citadel Devlan Mud wash.

After getting the metallic base coats taken care of I hit all of the silvers with a Citadel Badab Black Wash.  Then I hit all of the gold with a Citadel Gryphonne Sepia wash.

The next step I hit some of the smaller details.  All of the leathers were hit with a Citadel Foundation Calthan Brown basecoat, followed by a Citadel Devlan Mud Wash. The stone portions were hit with a Citadel Astronomicon Grey base coat followed by a wash created by heavily diluting Delta Ceramcoat Black paint.  The loin cloths were hit with varying shades of Greys, blue greys, and green greys.  All of them had a base of Citadel Foundation Astronomicon grey, the blue greys had Citadel Fenris Blue mixed in, the Green greys added VMC US Olive Drab.  They were all washed with a Citadel Badab Black at this point as well.  Then we came to the war paint... I looked at a bunch of images Pict Warriors, Native Americans, and a bit of Braveheart to boot.  I grabbed some Citadel Hawk Turquoise and began slapping on the war paint designs.  I also hit some of the stone work with the Hawk Turquoise as well.

At this stage I am nearly finished with the crew.  Here I have added highlights to the Warpaint, by adding a small amount of Andrea White Color Series number 4 to the Hawk Turquoise.  I highlighted the stone, and the loin clothes by going back with the corresponding basecoat.  I also added the hair at this stage, I used Rackham Black with an Astronomicon grey highlight followed by a Badab black wash to do the black hair.  The reddish hair was Reaper Master Series Red Brown, followed by a Citadel Ogryn Flesh wash.

I then began basing, Elmers White glue was slathered onto the bases and the figures were dipped into a bucket of sand.  After allowing them to dry for 4 hours I grabbed some MIG Track Brown Pigment and began caking the base and the feet and the loin cloths of these guys.  It was very messy.  After applying the pigment I sprayed each figure with a Krylon Matte Finish, to lock the pigment in place and give some protection to the paint job.  Finishing touches were to paint the base edges with Rackham Black, and add an Army Painter Battlefields Wilderness Tuft to the base.

And here you are, a few shots of the finished project.

I hope this write up was cohesive and understandable.  These two posts are kind of a first for me as far as really trying to explain step by step how my brain works as I paint.  Please let me know what you think.  If you like this, then I would be willing to do other similar types of tutorials.  If it is not understandable.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  Im really lookin for some good critiques on this.  I'd like to be able to produce helpful tutorials, so feedback is very much wanted.

Five figs in five.....errrrr two days!  Completely possible, I had my doubts, but with some really killer sculpts and a plan of attack you could be staring at a fully painted unit in just a few short days.

Thanks for watching!!



  1. You could have probably used a before and after of some of the individual steps for clarity. Like h=getting a close up of the metallics both before and after the wash.

    Possibly some pallet shots, I work my pigments wet but with the use of the word cake I assume you are using your pigments dry. Most of the newer painters I deal with often need me to show them the quirkier things in my tool box so it never hurts to show a picture of the more non traditional paints or tool that you are partial to using. Also I assume you do not thin your paints due to the write up, if this is the case well done as I have to basically paint in washes to get a good result. If not you might want to gestimate your thinning ratio.

    Those are the only things I could find to nitpick because it is a really good tutorial when all is said and done.

    1. These are all just great! Thanks so much for the feedback. I will take all of these in to account if/when I do another one of these.

      Thanks again!

  2. 5 figs in two days!? This has got to be a new record . Now lets see it again and see the chaos horde come together.

    1. Haha for me that is the craziest thing EVER! I actually grabbed the rest of this unit and have them primed and sitting on my painting table... I may just have to bust out the rest over the weekend, in between Turkey and Homework :)

  3. Which manufacturer are those minis? they sure look Rackham-ish

    1. You are right on there Alonso... these are the Warriors of Avaggdu the Ragnarok box set for the Kelt Sessairs from Confrontation.

      Love me my Rackham figs. :)

  4. I'll just second what Scotty said above...and add a question. WHERE'S THE DARK AGE SUKKA??? :p

    Nice work duud!

    1. Thanks my man! My Dark Age is on the table, it has just fallen a little behind on the priority list... commissions and the like, plus my lack of playing time hasn't helped either... you know how it goes.

      They are still on my mind, just need to get a bit more of that ever elusive free time.