Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mephs Orkuisition

The orkuisition rises!  I have always had a redemption type of them for my ork army(in my head anyway), but not much of it was modelled proppa like.  So, this blog is going to help keep me trukkin through this 6th edition upgrade for one of my favorite armies.  It started as a necroumda gang, but when that leage fell apart the idea got transferred to the army in 40k instead.
The basic premise behind the force is that a good ol ork army comes across some redemptionists on a necromunda like hive world.  Before said redemptionists are added to the toof pile, they blab enough to convert a warboss, and from there in true orky fasion it spirals out of control until there is a waaagh composed entirly of konverted ork clans that now think they are indeed working for the orkuisition.  They now meander the galaxy crushing efil wherever it be found(everywhere!).
 In the past redemptist red and orange flames were about the only physical representation of the theme.  This upgrade aims to change that in a big way, and allow me to convert enthusiasm for great and inspiring ork converters like Wazoo, and many many others into a project of my own that wil lresult in a kewl 100% unique army.
The themes:  Inquisition I's as icons throughout.  I had considered making an O with the lines throught it, but it just doesnt ring true to the theme.  I think it very fitting that orks use the I, yet never think that it doesnt match the orky name.
Flames, candels, braziers, anything that can put extra flames of rightousness on the models and vehicles.  Candles, particularly.
Robed bodies, and other monk/knight conventions, including carry large religous texts, chains, etc.  Church /temple/shrine themes on vehicles. 
Humor:  I want this to be orky and funny all the way.  Goblin cherubs, puns on imperial termss(orkus mechanics, emperork, etc)
scratchbuilds and conversons, I'm really trying to push myself for original and unique models, preferably ones that tell a story and build on the theme.
The army list is as yet uncertain, but ther eare a few things in the works or defintly planned:
3 battlewagons(two right away, one later on down the road)
at least two dakkajets, the second one probably a konversion built up from a valkrye or a storm talon
Burna mob
shoota mob
Nob Mob
Nob Biker Mob
Warbos and mek
some big guns(i have a 3 kannon battery already)
Anything else that takes my fancy.
I can be competitive, but this one is just for fun, so lots of friendly themed games in store for this army. 
Ok, enough with the blabbin, on with the pictures of the WIPs so far.

Orkuisitor nob, once the leader of the redemptionist gang in necromunda.Really the flagship of the redesign, followed by some other nobs and a shoota boy.

Click Below to see pics of more figs including the scratchbuilt battlewagon!

The first battlwagon(still WIP)  This one is the Marter Karter, its essentially the Oly mosoleaum on tracks.  The little alcove on both sides will hold goblin and ork korpses, and other marter artifacts like skewered heads, and the grave of the unknown krumper.  This was quite a challange to build, and for a long while I didn't liek the shape at all ... not until the deffrolla and some of the extra details like the big shoots were added did it.

The occupied insert.  Theere is space to add a model to the insert to represent the squad being transported.  For ages I always made ork transports big enough to put the models in the truck or battlewagon, but that is such a pain getting them in and out all the time.  So I had the idea of an "occupied" insert with just a couple boys modeled and room for the current squad.  Fluyffy, looks nice, simple and quick in the game.

Ok., thats all I have time for right now, but I do have pics of some mysterious objective markers(skyfire nexus) and some kannons and their ammo runts(the tractors that pull them) coming soon.  Any comments and suggestions are welcome,



  1. Meph this is AWESOME! I love it... so unique and cool!

  2. Great stuff Meph! I particularly love the candles and the dozer blade thingy. Man, I haven't played 40k for so long I don't remember the models...

  3. Thanks! The battlewagon is th eresult of the last three months of my crazy work schedule. It was my 15 minutes of calm each morning before the hectic pace of the day took over. So it was all done with small additions her, then there, and eventually I ended up with an entire model. I almost quit several times, it just didn't feel right, but the little steps at a time approach let me work on the other peices(i.e not the main body which is still not quite finished)since I thought I could use them even if i scrapped the hull and started over.

    Thanks for the comments, at some point I need to catch up on all that i missed over the last few months! You gents haand the other folks have been busy and i've barely had time for a glance.

  4. Oh my! This is so cool. Looks like you have put in tons of work. I am at a loss of words.

  5. Man almighty this is cool. Almost makes me wanna play 40k again!

  6. Thanks for the comments! I intend to take these boyz to the next event at Gamers Asalym, so we'll see how much I can get done in two months. Then you can feel the lure of another system you don't have time for!