Monday, November 19, 2012

The Fast Five! Day 1

So, my buddy over on Scotty' is currently doing a series of posts about painting up 5 Dwarven Miners in 5 days.  I loved the idea.  So much so that I grabbed 5 of my Rackham Warriors of Avaggdu (who count as Marauders of Chaos) and decided I'd try something similar.
Granted I thought trying to finish FIVE figs in five days was going to be near impossible... especially for me. :)  Anyhow I decided to give it a go.

Day 1

First things first I grabbed my figs... Luckily they were all primed... albeit not very well... but primed none the less.  (As you can see I laid a base coat down on one of these guys months ago... never got around to finishing him up though)
I started out with a thing I like to call "Five Step Flesh"



 "Five Step Flesh"

Step 1: Begin with a Citadel Foundation Tallarn Flesh base coat. (My favorite flesh base... sadly they don't make it anymore... anyone know what the new equivalent is... throw me a hint in the comments :) )

Step 2: Citadal Ogryn Flesh Wash.  Heavily apply the wash allover the flesh of the figure. 

Step 3: Highlight with Citadel Foundation Tallarn Flesh.
Here you want to cover most of the flesh, especially any raised portions, muscles etc...

Step 4: Wash with Citadel Wash Asurmen Blue/Tallarn Flesh.  Here I grabbed a blue wash and mixed it with the base coat.  I wanted to add a bit more depth to the flesh and more of a cool tone to the figures.  Again I heavily apply this wash in order for the shadows to really darken.

Final Step 5: I come back and highlight again with Tallarn flesh.  And there you have it a simple 5 step flesh recipe that will produce a pretty nice result.  Perfect for making that unit of Marauders or Doomreavers really pop! 



Stay tuned for the next installment... (I'll give you a hint... I was really motivated to finish these guys and well... Day 2 may be the final installment :) )
Any questions, comments, critiques, anything, please feel free to drop me a line in the comments.
Thanks for Watching!!



  1. Really cool stuff bro! I'll have to give your flesh recipe a try .

    1. Thanks bro... give it a shot lemme know what you think of the results.

  2. I think the closet match is Cadian Flesh(tone) can't remember the name exactly and like all of their new paints it might not be an exact match. Kudos to your friend for the idea and you are off to a really good start. Are you considering chaos tattoos despite the time limit?

    1. Cadian Flesh!! Thank you! I did consider tattoos... you may have already seen what I have done. :)

  3. That's an awesome way to do a good skin fast!

    1. Thanks Pete! If I had some purple wash I would have used that instead of the blue ;)

  4. Great stuff! for warmer tones would you mix red with the base colored wash?

    1. Thanks Lycane!

      I would use more of an orange brown or red brown to create a warmer tone... I like to use Gryphonne Sepia as a second wash if I want to create that type of tone.