Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paint preference part 2

Well, it has been a bit longer than a month but, as promised I have started trying to use the Delta Ceramacoat paints in my daily painting routine.
I didnt get quite as many different shades to try out as I would have liked but I did get around a dozen or so.
I have mixed feelings about them but, they are mostly good. I dont think I will ever be using them for basecoating models, as the pigment ratio still isn't as high as the upper end game paints, they do however work very well for adding highlights to basecoat colors, and they make great washes! The best part(in my mind) is the array of colors, there are dozens to choose from and tons of different shades for each one.

So, after all is said and done, I will definitely be selectively adding them to my collection. It will just have to be hit or miss on the colors, for now, as I said before , I am just going to stick with the earthy, natural tones.

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