Saturday, June 25, 2011

Late night WarmaHordes Tournament.

Well, the local PressGanger decided it was high time we had a night time Warmahordes Tourney at our local shop. It was a basically a standard 35 point SR2011, using the death clock variant.  I usually avoid tourneys but this one sounded to be good fun, which indeed it was! There was a great turnout from all over the state, and even a few from just out of state. (24 total) Cryx, Legion and Protectorate rounded out the top 3 spots respectively, with myself coming in at 17th with my Cryx................yeah, Im that bad. :)

A small selection of the tourney photos


  1. Hey, it's better than my tournament record...

  2. Those are nice chess timers. Any idea where they were purchased from?

  3. They were very nice indeed. Here is the site they were bought from.