Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WIP Flames of War board.

Well, unfortunately this is still very work in progress. I have been trying to find some suitable carpet to represent decent wheat fields for a while now, otherwise it would probably be complete. It seems like I used to see the right stuff all over the place, but now that I need it I of course cant find any thing.
There aren't any trees on it simply because I am planning on making all of them removable for gameplay. The white corner will eventually hold a church and graveyard in it..............hopefully, I may just take the easy route and fill it with more crop rows, only time shall tell.
And then the buildings that shall grace the board.
I was really a bit disappointed when I received them, they seem to be out of scale from each other. The farm houses look twice the size of the two story houses. Ah well though, I guess I just wont clump them close together during gameplay.

1 comment:

  1. Lookin good bro! So when are we gonna actually try and play this game?

    By the way about the buildings now that you point it out, those farm houses do look waaaaay bigger than the two storey buildings... somethings jacked.

    Your board is lookin real nice ;)