Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Mini Swap: Wildchevy for Mephistoles

Names have been drawn, minis have been prepped, and meet ups in dark parking lots have begun.
This May the guys from Geek Garage will be doing a mini swap. These swaps are always fun and bring out a  nice challenge to break out of the norm.
I'll be painting for Mephistoles and he handed me one of his precious legacy miniatures which is a Slannesh Champion.
Here's what I have to start with.

More updates as soon as the muse whispers to me about a pink color scheme.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wings of His Enemies

Speaking of slackers, guess who finally showed up! Me, Journeyman! Sorry guys for the massive gap between posts, but I've got a special treat for you all.

A few weeks ago, a local player had a great idea for Lich Lord Terminus. Mod his wings so they looked like they were made from the skins of his enemies. I thought, "Man, that is a stellar and fantastic idea. Not only will I get a chance to practice various skin tones, he'll have a very unique Terminus on the table. A few weeks passed, and here it is.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Borka Conversion!

Well, looks like someone in the Garage has been a slacker.... Yeah... it was this dude!


I apologize for the long delay... I could fill you with all of my excuses... but instead I'll just get right into my latest project:

So, when I first saw this picture of Borka I knew that was a caster I would have to play some time.

His sculpt was released, and while the sculpt itself is a pretty darn cool sculpt, I really wanted to recreate this epic "Im gonna knock your head outta the park like Babe Ruth" pose.

And so the idea festered, and finally I jumped and decided to give it a go...