Thursday, May 9, 2013

Borka Conversion!

Well, looks like someone in the Garage has been a slacker.... Yeah... it was this dude!


I apologize for the long delay... I could fill you with all of my excuses... but instead I'll just get right into my latest project:

So, when I first saw this picture of Borka I knew that was a caster I would have to play some time.

His sculpt was released, and while the sculpt itself is a pretty darn cool sculpt, I really wanted to recreate this epic "Im gonna knock your head outta the park like Babe Ruth" pose.

And so the idea festered, and finally I jumped and decided to give it a go...

I began by purchasing both a Borka model, and a Metal Troll Axer.

I started by clipping Resounder (Borka's Beatstick) from his right hand. Followed up by clipping the axer's axe from his hands as well.  A bit of pinning and some sore fingers later I ended up with this:

Then I grabbed a hobby saw and proceeded to cut Borka in half at the waist. Followed up by gluing Borka's head to the Axers Torso, and attaching Resounder to the Axer torso as well.   Here is the result:

I then grabbed the bottom half of Borka, used the beefy pin from the P3 pinning kit and connected the Axer torso to Borka's feet.  Grabbed a 1:1 mix of yellow milliput and super sculpey firm and began some putty work.  Result to that point looked like this:

(I had left over pieces and extra putty... and because I have a hard time wasting stuff... Borka's personal Axer Brik was born as well.)

After getting to this point I scupted a tartan out of Green stuff and threw him up on a big ol Chunk of bark.  Think Im going to add some fur around his neck before I call him competely finished.  Here he is as of today:

And there ya have it!  A relatively simple Borka conversion that is completely tournament legal and captures some of the Awesomeness that is in the brilliant concept art by Andrea Uderzo.

Please feel free to drop and questions, comments, crits, etc, below.

Thanks for watching!!



  1. Nice conversion job. Looks like that putty mix worked out well for you.

    1. Yeah, bro, it really is a great medium to work with... it has its own usefulness.

      Thanks my man!

  2. I think adding a fur collar would help it look more like the artwork.