Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scotty's IMC prize WIP: Circle Orboros

Just a real quick update on how the Circle battle box is coming along for my IMC prize.

I was following the studio scheme fairly close at first but as I layed down the black on the armor filigree so the gold could go on smoother, I had to pause for a second, and I realized I really liked the black with the green quite a bit.

What are your thoughts on this, should I continue on and do the gold as originally planned or throw some highlights on that black and call it good?

More updates soon!


  1. I like the green and dark and the green is very interesting to highlight (?) the colours of the figure!
    And the gold is more discrete in my opinion...
    Good work !

  2. Stick with the black bro... I really dig it!

  3. I like it Scotty. Is he guarding the frosted miniwheats he is standing on?

  4. Keep the black. It's awesome!