Saturday, October 27, 2012

Iron Kingdoms RPG Challenge!

The second Geek Garage Challenge is upon us! Several of us have expressed interest in the newly revamped Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game. To go with that, as a personal challenge we are converting and painting up some custom figs for our in game characters!

This inaugural article will give a brief overview of our characters and what their background is.  After this each of us will post up our progress as we go along.

First contestant up is me!

I have a little obsession with Llael. I've picked up Ashlynn twice and never got around to finish the army but I'm slowly working on it. Here I'm going to make my homage to the Llaellese duelists.

Warcaster Jaque DuGaul

My basic background is he is a Warcaster of Llaellese decent who was part of a training exchange between the nations of Llael and Cygnar. Essentially he was sent to Cygnar for his initial training. This was obviously before the war broke out. He was stuck finishing up his initial training in Cygnar before the war was over. Now he has to build up his abilities and resources in order to bring a needed resources to Field Marshal D'Elyse.

Figure conceptualization: Base figure will be Lord Jester from the Reaper Mini line. Already looks like a duelist and I just need to add bits to create Warcaster armor and a pistol for initial weapon load out. Since he was sent to initial training in Cygnar I figured he potentially could have gotten some experimental fancy storm tech like eStryker so I'm going to steal his backpack and GS some tubes to power his light armor. Hopefully this works out.

Wild Chevy's Contribution:

Human, Khador, Arcane Mechanik/Man-at-Arms

"Former member of the Khadorian Special Recon group, a squad designed to learn the enemy forces' rune magics so to better protect the motherland. Trained in the arcane and close quarters combat these individuals were sent behind enemy lines to gather intel. After a ambush in a old Orgoth ruin he was left for dead by his squad after falling into a crypt during their retreat. Surviving by his will Vasily sets out to continue his quest to learn new runes and avenge his fallen brothers."

 Grimwolf's Entry:
Grim Ulthas (real original with the name I know ;) )

Military Officer/Bounty Hunter
Initial load out: Warhammer, Mace, Knuckledusters, Tailored Plate

I hunt down the shmucks who don't pay off the debts at Ulthas Bros

Character's defining characteristics:
Loud Mouthed, Quick to Fight, Won't Back Down from a Challenge, Fiercely Loyal and Protective, with a Disdain for Ranged Combat.

I used General Ossrum's fig as the base for my conversion. Used Gorten's right arm with Forge Father to represent the Warhammer.  Then I clipped the head off of the axe on Ossrums left arm and slapped a Warrior of Chaor mace head on top.  (This mace I hope will have a story all its own...)  I clipped and filed off the smoke stacks and vents from the back pack and tried to make it look more like a regular old back pack.  I added a few bundles of scrolls... (these would be the maps etc... that would represent the Battle plans carried by all military officers).  Also added some pouches from an old GW sprue to his back.  I used Ossrums head but have clipped the pipe off and will be green stuffing a right and proper gnarly ol' Dwarf beard.  Pics forthcoming.
Scotty Khan:

Tagrin Ulthas
Dwarf: Arcane Mechanik/Ranger

Initial loadout:
Arcane Crossbow (Blast runeplate)... Hopefully he will be jumping on to give us a bit more info on his dude.


I'm playing a Nyss Sorcerer/Ranger, and here's some background.

She's the daughter of refugees from the exodus. Her family settled in the Thornwood, and her father began work as a ranger, leading hunting expeditions in to the forest. Fatima (my character), often went with her father, and learned the trade. When her father died while on an expedition, she decided to take his place. When the war started, she moved south, into Central Cygnar.

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