Monday, September 3, 2012

For the Glory of the Herd! Final

So, I was able to finish this guy up last night.  Oh, how I love holidays :)

Not sure what to think of the finished product.  I tried a few experiments with gore and the like.  Not really sure how I like the result.  However, I wanted to be true to the story of this guy.

As was mentioned in the initial For the Glory of the Herd! post.  This guy has just defeated a challenger in the ranks to retain his title as Champion of the Herd.  I wanted to make it look like he had been in a battle.  He lost his eye in the battle, so I figured there had to be a lot of blood.  Plus he slaughtered his challenger... so that meant even more blood.  Figuring there really wasn't any place for this dude to shower, I preceded to splash blood (red and brown paints mixed up with gloss varnish) all over the dude and his weapons. 

I think my favorite part is the base.  I used a baking soda, white glue, water mixture to produce the snow effect. After applying the snow mixture I dusted the still wet mixture with straight baking soda.  (A trick from my buddies basing tutorial... you can find that tutorial a few posts below this one ) After applying the dusting I took some of my blood mixture and watered it down quite a bit, then I barely tapped the snow with the brush.  Coolest little effect happened.  I was quite impressed. 

Anyhow, here is what it looks like. 

I had a blast participating in this Geek Garage Challenge.  Hopefully this is a first of many. 

And to my fellow bloggers... Time is ticking... midnight tonight deadline.  Remember your promise and the consequences of failure... GRIM SMAAAAAAAASH!!!


Stay tuned really... we might be giving these figures away... just need to hit a milestone follower number... At 50 followers we give one of these models away to a random follower... at 75 we give another away, at 100 another... and so on every 25 until they are gone.

So stay tuned and be active!!

Thanks for watching!



  1. I rally like the blood splashed snow! Especially where it is really light.

    Giving stuff away?!? Guess I'd better get in on that!

  2. Thanks Jag! Yeah stay tuned for sure, we will be working out the logistics here as soon as everything is finished.

    Biggest thing is... invite your friends to follow, and your friends friends.

  3. Nice work as always Grim. Great touch with the blood dripping.