Sunday, September 2, 2012

The March of the Trolls!!

I finished up my eDoomy the other day and decided I'd put up a group shot of my crew.  I also included a single close up of each model in the small group. 

Hopefully this small group continues to get bigger and bigger. 

Now for the pics:

Better group shot:

Click to see the individual close ups and angles :)

First up eDoomy:

Next up his best bud Spike:

Followed by Flaming Fists of Fury... the mini troll :)

Finally the Keg Carrying bad ass himself Skaldi Bonehammer:

There ya have it, All four of my fully painted trollbloods.  Hope you liked 'em.  Feel free to drop any questions, comments, critiques, or anything else you can think of below.

Thanks for watching!



  1. Wow I love these! I'm warning you now, I'm going to steal this scheme if I ever get into Trolls!

  2. Thanks man! Haha steal away, I'd be flattered!