Monday, June 4, 2012

MONGO!!!! and other Mashers

Hey everyone!

Had a bit of time this weekend to sit and paint with some buddies.  Got a start on Mongo... and did a bit of finish work on some of my Khador warjacks that have been sitting as WIP's for nearly a year now....  I know, I know, Im a friggin slacker!  (isn't that all part of being a mini painter though?...)


On with the bore-a-phil...errrrr... the pics!

First Up... MONGO!!  There are a lot of shots of Mongo... click read more to see the 360 spectrum.

Next the Spriggan

and my Kodiak

Click this little read more button and see more pics!

Group shot of the jacks for my Irusk battlegroup.

And the 360 shots of Mongo

There ya have it!

Pretty productive weekend if ya ask me :D

Thanks for following. Toss me a comment if you have any questions or comments.  Love to help and love to hear feedback.



  1. Really do love the weathering on the jacks, more so the Spriggan than the Kodiak. I think the blood is slightly distracting because of the red already present on the hulls but they are looking good. Hopefully you get an addy pai Ted soon so we can start having fully painted battle reports up here. Oh wait, that would mean you actually had to play a game...

  2. THanks bro... question... what is an addy? Im assuming your phone auto-corrected you. Good idea we'll have to get a good painted up battle report here soon.

  3. Quick question - how did you get the blood on the Kodiak to be that shiny? I'm guessing gloss medium but I'd like to hear your technique...Thanks.