Friday, June 8, 2012

Painting on the Go Part Deux

So the last time I talked to you folks, it was about painting while you travel.  I discussed things like paint and model selection that would enable you to keep things compact enough to work on several models at once with limited space. This time I want to talk about model transportation.

The last time I took a trip I used my Battlefoam Bag because I anticipated using my army for a few games, this time I knew my schedule wouldn't permit that but I have a commission I'm working on and didn't want to lose time on it. This means I needed another way to carry my models I wanted to work on.

I wanted something small but durable so that the models would be protected from everything in my suitcase and also be able to fit snugly in many different spots. Luckily I had this used cigar sampler tin laying around.

So this things about 8 inches long and 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Gives me plenty of room to put in large based Privateer Press models with a little room for padding. Which is perfect since the main model I want to work on is a Gnarlhorn Satyr for the previously mentioned commission. I then selected the High Reclaimer 2010 model because I've had a real desire to get him on the tabletop lately and play some great attrition games since I've never been good about setting up the assassination run. The final model I picked was an Ogryn Bokur since I've always loved the model and my Merc army has been sitting idle for a long time and needs some lovin.

So here's my selections in their new home for the next 2 weeks! Hopefully they enjoy it!

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