Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday WIPs

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  Haha.  Well I decided to crawl out from under my blog rock and get another WIP post in.  It has been quite awhile since I have jumped onto the blog-o-sphere and for that I apologize. 

Now enough of the blubbering.  I helped to kickstart Wild West Exodus (WWX) recently and as such the figures for this game have been on my paint table.  While my first love in WWX was the Warrior Nation, due to some other people in the local meta also having that faction I decided to work on my Union Army to start.

I will be entering this crew into the paint competition on the Wild west exodus forums... swing on by and join in if you feel so inclined.

This will be specifically a WIP of a Union Army Long Ranged Hired Hand.

The beginning:

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After priming I hit the crew with and airbursh. I used Vallejo Model Air Blue "Blue Angels" as the base coat for the uniforms. I then mixed a Ceramcoat Ocean Reef blue with Vallejo Model Color German Gray, to get a gray blue color for the pants.  I am attempting to paint a black hat brigade theme with these soldiers.  Not necessarily historically accurate with any of these colors, trying to look pretty close but not exact.  Here is what I got after the initial base coats.

Next I separate out the three long ranged rifle weilding Hired Hands.  Doing some test colors with these guys... My initial thought was to go with black shoulder and knee pads along with the black hat...  Here is the color test shot:

After some careful thought and bouncing lots of ideas around with my fellow Geek Garagers, we came to a consensus that the color scheme may be a bit too dark.  So I changed a bit and added gold trim and a yellow shoulder pad. Here was the result (due to the adjustments in color scheme I singled out one model):

I went back and smoothed a lot of the highlights on the both the jacket and the coats, this is where I am at as of right now.  Still need to complete the base, but other than that I think this guy will be done, and I will model the rest of my Union soldiers after this guys paint scheme.

and there ya have it!  Any questions or comments please feel free to drop a line. Always more than happy to answer any questions and love to hear any suggestions to improve my paint work.

Thanks for watching!


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