Monday, June 10, 2013

Grims Mini Swap WIP

So I have been spending a whole lot of time playing Warmahordes and doing modifications or conversions on my Trollbloods army.  So my painting time has suffered a bit.  However I did get a bit of time this last little bit to work on this little dude for Scotty.  A classic Warrior of the Abyss from the Mid Nor of Confrontation.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Hobby within a Hobby

There are a lot of things people do with their hobby time. Most people play their games, paint their figs, research their lists, drool over the latest models. But everyone i believe has their "secret" hobby, or their hobby within a hobby. 
What could this be?

This is something that could be called a hobby in it's own right, but is used to help elevate the primary hobby. Sometimes these hobbies are a direct result of needing something for your little army men. Does this sound familiar?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lanyssa and Blending

About two weeks ago I picked up a Minions model, Lanyssa, Ryssall. I heard that she had some good synergy with some of my Warmachine lists, giving some much needed movement to some of my troops. I knew that I would be getting her eventually, and I knew I wanted to do something unique and new with her cloak. I had seen many different ways of doing it, ranging from single color to freehand design. But I wanted to try my hand at wet blending, and I think the result came out great. Here's a photo of just the cape:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mini Swap: Wildchevy for Mephistoles

Here is an update on my part of the mini swap.
Meph wants his Slannesh Champion to be pink. I started off with the metal areas and progressively tinted the metal. First layer was a blue wash and once that dried I went back over with the gunmetal color avoiding the deep areas. Next layer was with a purple wash and again I went back with metal but this time a brighter color. The last layer of tint was with pink and the brightest silver I have to just pick out the high spots.