Monday, June 10, 2013

Grims Mini Swap WIP

So I have been spending a whole lot of time playing Warmahordes and doing modifications or conversions on my Trollbloods army.  So my painting time has suffered a bit.  However I did get a bit of time this last little bit to work on this little dude for Scotty.  A classic Warrior of the Abyss from the Mid Nor of Confrontation.

These Rackham figures are so freaking great!  The detail and character in everyone of their miniatures is so awesome! They are my goto cure for painters block, because they are so damn fun to paint!

Here are a couple of WIPs. 

Scotty has a rockin' Purple and dead flesh Mid Nor crew.  So I decided I'd do my own little spin on his color scheme.  Hopefully I can do his crew justice.

Short and sweet this time folks.  Any questions or comments, advice, criticism, cookie recipies...
Please throw them in the comments.

Thanks for watching!!



  1. Fantastic miniature.
    I miss Rackham and have been trawling ebay to add to my Dirz.

  2. A common cure for painting my way out of a slump as well. I still have to track down a Demon Tower for my Mid Nor. I am hard pressed to find a line I enjoy painting more than Rackham. I like the start, I look forward to any skin discoloration or rot down the line. I might keep the enamel purple armor clean just for added pop. Looks good.

  3. Looking awesome my friend! Can't wait to add him to the ranks.