Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lanyssa and Blending

About two weeks ago I picked up a Minions model, Lanyssa, Ryssall. I heard that she had some good synergy with some of my Warmachine lists, giving some much needed movement to some of my troops. I knew that I would be getting her eventually, and I knew I wanted to do something unique and new with her cloak. I had seen many different ways of doing it, ranging from single color to freehand design. But I wanted to try my hand at wet blending, and I think the result came out great. Here's a photo of just the cape:

The colors went something like this, originally: Blue, purple, brown, orange. I was doing all right blending the first three colors, but I was having some major trouble blending the orange and brown. I think this was because I wasn't supposed to be blending orange and brown together. I found a picture of a blue to orange gradient, and it seemed like there was brown. So, to reduce stress, I decided to blend the brown into P3 Coal Black. I was much happier with the results, and it's whats shown. Here's some photos of the finished model:

Some other notes:
  1. I should get a light box pretty soon. 
  2. Another color I love doing is the leather, usually the one outlined in the Forces: Cygnar book. Once all the steps are done, it creates a nice contrast between all the bits of leather. I believe this is due in part to the final shading being mostly P3 Brown Ink, which is pretty dark. I used this process on the scabbard. All the other leather bits are outlined in the Forces: Trollbloods book. (There's a misprint. When it says Bootstrap Brown, it means Bootstrap Leather. Took me forever to figure that out). 
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some new, tasty models from Lock n Load to assemble and paint.

Till next time, folks!



  1. Beautiful work ! the gradation of colours on the feather cape is amazing!
    I love this fig !!
    (I'm not a wargamer, but I think that her place is in a show-case, not on a game-table !)

  2. Will this is great man! Seriously excellent work on that cloak my man!