Monday, March 11, 2013

IMC Prize Support: Finished!

Finally got the blends on the OSL to my satisfaction! I really did my best on this guy and hope whomever ends up with him enjoys him as much as I have had painting him!

Now in my previous post it had been commented on the blob of greenstuff on the base... lets take a look at what it is!

I think I did a fairly good job of getting the Geek Garage logo on to the base and having it be recognizable. Now the winner will always know who made this for him!

And finally a good shot of the transitions on his cloak. That's all folks, hopefully I'll get to see who wins this at the IMC!


  1. Panda!!! Great stuff bro! Love the OSL and especially the little GG on the base! Really solid work here bro!

    Way to get it done my man!

  2. Very nice fig Panda. You did a great job. I heard some people paying you compliments at the IMC.