Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A BIG Thanks to the IMC

Well the IMC is done and over with.  We here at the Garage want to shout out a big THANK YOU to the IMC organizers, all of the players, and the Gamers Asylum for running such a top notch event.

I personally had a lot of fun during this whole event.  Really can't say enough about how well everything was run.  I have been to a few tournaments in my day, and I have to say that for a tourney that touted 46 players this thing ran without a hitch!

We here at the Garage were glad to see our paint work was appreciated and were happy to see the smiles on the winners faces as they accepted their prizes.

Going forward we are very excited to continue our relationship with the IMC and are happy to continue to provide only the COOLEST of paint jobs as prize support for such an awesome event.

I snapped a whole load of pics I have included a good portion of them below.

Thanks again to all involved with the IMC and here's to many more!!

More Pics after the break...

Thanks for watching!!!



  1. I see how it is Grimmypoo, I get all painted for the event and you don't even post pictures up for me! :P

  2. I swear I took a pic of your army... I'll go double check and see what happened... Might have got lost in the jumble of pics... Check again in a bit...

  3. There it is! In all it's glory dieing to Scott Wray's Cryx.