Thursday, February 21, 2013

IMC prize WIP: Gatorman Witch Doctor

My contribution to the prize support for IMC.  Still a bunch to do on this fellow, but I have the basic shading done on the cloth areas, they are going to stay a little dark as there is so much detail on the rope "webbing" all over it.  The skin is coming along nicely and despite my urge to shove paint brushes in my eye, the individual scale highlighting is starting to take shape.  :)  More updates to follow soon as a few areas tidy up.

I have BIG plans for the base ... they must remain secret for now, but if all goes well I hope the base I am working on will be pretty impressive. 

Information can be found here.


  1. Very nice Meph!! You've got me all excited about your base now. Should be great!

  2. Your base work is top notch so I am looking forward to that. Great start on the mini.