Monday, February 18, 2013

Grim's IMC Prize Support

Alright folks in case you didn't hear, we here at Geek Garage are currently sponsoring the Inter-Mountain Cup, IMC, this is a Warmachine/Hordes tournament, this year it happens to be a Warmachine Weekend Qualifying tournament as well.

We as a crew here at the Garage decided to offer up some support for our local press gangers.  So we did what we love best... Painted some figs.  We will be using these painted figs as prize support during the tournament, some will be raffled end of the later rounds of the tourney and others will be given away to best painted army, and best painted battle group.

All in all this should be a whole lot of fun.  We hope to have a long and fun partnership with the IMC.

Now with that said here is my entry:

Click the link for some progress shots... these guys are clearly still WIP... click the link drop a comment, question, critique, anything really.

Here they are assembled (PAIN IN THE A--! Anyone who has assembled these can most likely relate) and primed.

I recently acquired an airbrush... so I decided to throw down an english uniform progression on these guys for their armor. Threw some VMC English uniform in my airbrush and laid down a base coat, then I just bit by bit added Menoth white higlight... three layers later here's the result:

Then I washed the models with the new GW wash Seraphim Sepia... think this may have lost a bunch of the highlight... Im most likely going to have to go back and bring some highlights up on the leather armor.

Was really having some issues trying to figure out how to paint these sweet little elves, different from the norm, but still cool as ice!  I had a few theories, asked ol' Scotty what he thought about it... He confirmed that painting them up as Drizzts kin (Drow from WotC), and if you don't know who Im talking about... go to the bookstore and look up R.A. Salvatore and buy the Legend of Drizzt volume 1... pretty sure you won't regret it.  Anywho... here is the shot with the skin tone base coated with VMC German Grey:


Decided on purple for the cloaks... Used the old GW Foundation Hormagaunt purple as a base... then washed with GW wash Druchii Nightshade.  Added one highlight of GW Foundation Hormagaunt purple.

As of now I have finished the highlighting on the skin, added a Delta Ceramcoat Ocean Reef Blue to the VMC German Grey for the first highlight, then added a little P3 Menoth White Highlight to that for the final highlight... here is the final shot for now:

More to come so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching!



  1. Good work!impressive figures!
    I love the purple colour.

  2. Looking good man! the drow look was a good choice! ;)

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. Hope to get a bit more done this coming weekend.

    Looking at the pics closely, I really need to smooth out some stuff... yikes.

  4. As much as I hate seeing this unit on the table, they are off to looking pretty good! And getting trounced by a well painted unit of cheese is always better than shiney silver units of cheese!

  5. That is a ton of painting there, hahaha. Looking good. I really like the look.