Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well a few of us here have had our eyes on Dust for quite while now.  We dove in and purchased a First Edition Dust Tactics starter box.  They have been sitting on my shelf of mini's for quite awhile now.

With the release of Dust Warfare not too long ago, are interest was piqued just a bit... then it fell away again.

Then one day not too long ago my buddy scotty decided to throw some paint on one of his American Walkers From that point on I decided I oughta give it a go as well.

I decided that this game due to its bendy plastic figures would be my mindless painting army.  Essentially I would paint the troops up really quickly using basecoats, shades, and one highlight to finish up.

With the walkers I would begin practicing with my newly acquired airbrush, and try some different weathering techniques.

The whole goal of this project... Get stuff painted quickly!

So here are a few pics:

More pics when ya click!

Walker number 2:

Kommandotrup (this was the first unit I painted tried to paint without priming... BAD IDEA, although Dust claims they are pre-primed minis... PRIME THEM or else you'll be glopping thick nasty paint all over your figs)

Battlegrenadiers: Busted these guys out during one of our GG paint nights...  Really quick and easy.  I remembered to prime these guys :)

The last unit I busted out was the Recon Grenadiers think I finally have the process down, I busted these guys out in just over an hour.

Still have the basing to finish.  Also have a unit of Lasgrenadiers, and the Hero chick from the starter box.

Should be having a quick playtest this friday.  Pretty stoked for that.

Stay tuned.

Thanks for watching,



  1. Looks awesome bro! Cant believe how much you've finished so quick! Keep it coming.

  2. Haha! Thanks bro... Finished my Lasgrenadiers tonight. Working on the Chicka... can't remember her name... All should be ready to go tomorrow.

  3. I challenge you to get a fully painted force for Dust now... Lol

  4. Saw these in person and they are sweet.

  5. Thanks fellas! Hey Panda... Ill have to snap a pic... but ya, all of my Dust figs are painted... Just waiting for bases.

  6. I Really like the tiger-esque feel of the walker camo!

  7. For the "mindless painting army" these looked really good on the table!