Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Herd Gathers!

So the Geek Garage Gor Herd Challenge has finally come to an end.  This was a super fun experience.  We all got together at one of our LGS's and snapped a few pics.

First here is a pic of the Gor's and their creators:

Left to Right: John "Freaking" Salmond, Al "Wild Chevy", Randon "Grimwolf", Brett "Happy Panda", Scotty "Scotty Kahn"
Not Pictured: Will "Journeyman", and Mikey "Mephistoles"

Sadly we weren't able to get Mikey's entry photographed, Journeyman's fig was represented in the group photo.

So now, the two group shots... Couldn't get a good photo, lots of blurry dudes.

Now some individual shots:

First up Journeyman's Sir Goat:

Next Scotty's Late comer:

Here's John's beast:

Next up Panda's rusted runt:

Wild Chevy's blue eyed beauty:

and finally Grim's messy Gor:

Right now these guy's are sitting in a display case at our LGS.  Tell your friends to follow!!

Thanks for watching!



  1. I'm already excited to do the next challenge!

    I really liked the idea of the GW boxes as a starting point as they usually have so many bits now days that you can create some awesome models!

  2. These guys look awesome!! I love the different basing techniques. That is something i really need to work on.

  3. If only I didn't have class!

    Really looking forward to the next challenge as well.

  4. Man, that's a sexy beast on the right end! ;)

    Nice work fellas, awesome Gors all around!

    1. You talking about the guy who looks like his Gor? Oh wait that's you!

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