Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grims Trolls... CHAMPS!!

Well, this last Friday we had a little summer rampage event.  I brought my small force of Trolls and this bad boy unit of Champs doled out some major pain.  I was so impressed with what they were able to do I had to jump up and get the finished up real quick like!

Anyhow here they are:

And now for the Individual shots:


Champ Leader:

Champ B:

Champ C:

I have heard some people say that they think these figures are UGLY... well I hope that my paint jobs may have helped to changed that mindset a bit... if not... well... I think these sculpts are pretty darn sweet my self.  :)

Still waiting on our 50th follower so we can start handing out the Gor's to our awesome followers!  Remember to tell your friends!

Thanks for watching!


P.S....  Panda that will be 9 pts added to my trolls... getting close... just need to figure out what light beast to paint next.

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