Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thundercliff peaks Painting competition

Well, our local WarmaHordes league officially ended this last Thursday, and we finished things off with a paint contest from those who played league games. It was really nice to see turn out for the competition and I hope they get bigger and more competitive each time.

The pics I was able to snag of each piece basically kinda suck but you ought to get the idea anyway.  Two of my good gamer buddies took First and second with  Moshar and Skaldi Respectively, and I snuck into third with Cassius. Hopefully I can snap some better quality photos of him in a day or so.

Shown in no particular order. 

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  1. Yeah, bro, we oughta work out gettin some better pics of your fig. It was a fun comp and the competition was pretty close I honestly think 2nd and 3rd could have gone either way. If you had time to get that orange glow the way your were talkin' you may have even rivaled ol' Johnny boy.