Sunday, April 3, 2011

Strike from the trees!

Well, unfortunately I am having to post from borrowed computers but I do have a few pics to share. I have had the Reeves leader done for a while now and just sat down the other day and cranked out the rest of the unit box. I am really happy with how they turned out, and I plan to add another 4 to the unit shortly.
I also had a few requests after I posted the Shaman and Extoller to snap a pic of my Skorne force.


  1. Love the color schemes bro. That Skorne force is lookin mighty nice. You should play them every now and then. Strong work my friend!

  2. Love both the wolves and the skorne! I have a question, is the pattern on the wolves armor freehand? It looks amazing in any case.

  3. Thanks! The armor detail is sculpted however faintly.

  4. Love the Purple Skorne and the leather cloaks on the reeves. Go Purple.