Monday, April 18, 2011

Nilarakh the evil doer

Finished up this incarnate for my middies the other day. He is the leader from the Warriors of the Abyss box set. He was really a lot of fun to paint, too bad he looks straight at the ground. In hindsight I probably should have put him on an angled piece of rock or something similar so he could be easier seen, but his feet are so tiny I was mighty afraid I would snap his ankles if I tried to tear him out of his base. Ah well, live and learn
I think I'll start work on the older Mid-Nor Organist next. 


  1. Mighty perdy there bro!

    Like Smacks the frog says.... I digg'im!!

  2. Looks cool, though I don't think your pictures do your great paintjob justice.

  3. I agree about those nasty pics. I tried out a new photo editor and it is basically garbage. I am going to try to re shoot some better pics here in the next few days.