Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Journeyman's IMC Prize Support

Holy late posts, Batman!

Yes, the IMC was a couple months ago, but for those of you that couldn't attend, here's the chance to see what I painted for support. I decided to do a Croak Hunter, to give me more experience working with skin.

This was quite a lot of fun to do. At first, I wasn't impressed with the way the yellow turned out. It was still drying, and didn't look terribly good. But then, I let it sit for a day, and it looked great. My goal with this guy was to make him look like one of those Brazilian poison frogs with a yellow body and green feet. The transitions between the yellow and red are pretty cut and dry, despite my attempts to make it subtle and flow.

For the poison, I first used diluted green ink on the spear he's holding. It didn't turn out too good. So, I decided to use thinned out Ordic Olive, from the PP line. That must be the color they used on the studio model, because when I was done, it looked just like it.

The base was a bit ambitious. I wanted to give the feeling of him prowling through a swamp. The main challenge of this was using the water effect that I used for my Avenger. In an effort to avoid the acrylic bowing down, I put a bit  more than usual. What happened was it covered the raised bit on the base that I wanted to use as land. I later thought it was fine, as it gives a visual example of his Amphibious ability. The tall tufts of grass were difficult to put in, as they kept falling over, so I put some rocks around it to keep it standing.

There you have it folks. My prize support for the Fall 2013 IMC. Surprisingly, it went to a local player, Micheal Dillon. Hopefully I can keep this trend up, as the last model I did, Rhupert, went to our very own Ed Hachtel.

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