Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mountain King Commission

Alright, so one of our local Press Ganger's picked up a Mountain King at Lock n' Load.  He asked me if I wanted to paint it for him... I gladly accepted.  I was given an extra blister of troll whelps and asked to include them on the model.  I was also asked to base the model real cool like.  Other than those two instructions I was basically given free reign on this guy.

I'll have to say that this guy was a huge undertaking and was a source of a few frustrations.  Trying to paint a model this big with a brush alone makes for long days, especially basecoating :P  However, even with all of the frustrations I'll have to say that I learned a bit about painting massive models, and enjoyed painting this guy. 

Here's to hoping he enjoys his new toy. (on a side note... this was probably one of the hardest models to photograph ever. Bleh!)

So there ya have it.  The Mountain King!!  One of the coolest Gargantuan/Colossals released thus far from PP.

Thanks for watching!



  1. Fantastic, amazing work! Really some cool stuff going on all over this guy.
    Nice job bro!

  2. Wow! Very nice stuff there dude.

  3. Nice color choices on that there Mountain Guy :) .