Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ahh.... Thursdays off... I think I Love it!!

So, with school starting up I have the good fortune of taking Thursdays off wooty woot!  This mainly because I will need to be dropping off and picking up from Kindergarten and 3rd Grade, as well as take care of my 13 month little princess.

Nap time is a wonderful time to sit down and crank out some painting!

I did a bunch of work on my Epic Doomshaper.  Love the rules... hated the goofy looking pose of his fig.  So I took some liberties and repositioned his arms... now the goofy looking fig looks freakin rad!  Looks like he's ready to go all Bruce Lee on some ones A---errrr... Butt! ;-)

Anyhow I am probably 95% finished with this guy, just thought I'd throw him up here for ya'll to look at.

Oh, and don't worry I got plenty done on my Beastman as well... I'll be finishing him up and posting my final on him tomorrow.

Anywho, enough with the talk...

 Well there he is... I'll get him finished here this weekend Im sure.  Ill post him up ASAP.

Thanks for watching!


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