Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting a bit ridiculous!

Ok, anyone that knows me well, will know that I hate assembling models. I hate cleaning, filing, pinning, glueing......well you get the idea. Anyway, I noticed that because of my loathing for assembly I have gathered quite a collection of figs that are still in boxes.
So, my goal is to get all of these bad boys ready and primed by the end of August. Might happen, might not, but there are a lot of figs I'd like to start painting in this pile O shame. Wish me luck.


  1. Im quite the opposite myself (enjoy assembly but have difficulty finishing stuff off once i start painting)

    Good luck )

  2. ::chuckle:: Send them to me, I'll assemble them. :) Assembly, at least sturdy assembling, takes time and is a necessary evil. If you were here in Northern VA, I'd happily come over and help. Many hands make light work.

  3. Ha! If only. I guess I am doubly screwed, because none of my friends like to assemble either.

  4. Yeah, bro. We won't even talk about my stack of unassembled mini's. I DESPISE ASSEMBLY!

    (except for plastic space marines... for some reason I LOVE putting those things together... which kinda sucks cause Im not a big fan of the game... ah well.)

    Good luck bro... sorry, but Im not helping ya. :P