Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pipes of Doom

Well, as promised I finished this guy up last night. I realize the pictures are terrible, but I am in the process of getting a new camera set up.
While I had this guy out for pics, I decide to snap a group pic of my entire Mid-Nor force, since there are a number of things in it that were finished before I started blogging.
I'm really happy with how the army is turning out as a whole. Now I need to get my Demon tower finished some day to counterbalance that Cyclops. ;)


  1. Yeah buddy!! Looks like a whole lot of Dead dwarf goodness that Im just gonna make a whole lot deader when we play again!

    Seriously though this guy looks awesome, the head ooze is awesome and the eyes are creepy as hell... and thats a good thing. Like the touch with the rusty effect on the pipes as well.


  2. Your battlegroup looks great! I'm a fan of scarecrows in general and I really like the one in your army.