Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well I got Terminus all finished up finally. I do feel like I rushed a few of the less noticeable details towards the end......but thats what I always do towards the end of a big model such as this.


  1. Man I would really love to know how you did those wings?

  2. Here ya go;)

    I basecoated the entire wings with Citadel Rotting Flesh.
    Once dry a did a very heavy wash of VGC smoke with a bit of black added in.
    I went back and drybrushed the rotting flesh and it looked awful. but it was necessary.
    I started to glaze with any color imaginable to help tone down the drybrushing and give them a rotted look
    I mostly used reds, purples and blues but there are some greens and Oranges in there too. I tried keeping the reds and purples close to where the metal touches the wings, to give it a soar or infected look.
    Just make sure the glazes are really gradual and subtle.

  3. Beautiful Clark!!

    Love it man. The wings are definately the shining point on this guy. Followed closely by that sword.

    Awesome Sauce my brotha!!

  4. What color did you use for the green on the armour?

  5. Catachan green and Camo Green. Both are citadel colors. I basecoated with the camo green and then did a wash with the Catachan for shading and then just re-highlighted with the camo. Hope that helps. ( I do think I added a touch of Scorpion green for the final highlight.

  6. How did you do that rust effect? it looks awesome!

  7. The rust is done by adding baking powder in with the first coat of paint. Making it nice and gritty and giving lots of texture to wash and drybrush over.