Thursday, December 2, 2010

A bit of progress.

Well, here is what I've gotten finished on my Neran the Scary fig so far. I have never really sat down and figured out how to run a Faithful in C3 so there isn't too much point to getting him done other than he's an awesome model. I think I will paint the dolls in a multitude of colors as I have with all of my other Mid-Nors. I do have to find some way to incorporate a fair amount of purple on him though.( the main color for my middy force)


  1. You ought to give him purple striped pants or something. That'd be sweet.

    As for figuring out the faithful thing, well we ought to figure it out and start playing this kick Ace game again!

  2. Yes sir. I'm down for some more c3. Also, great minds must think alike. He is getting Purple plaid pants as we speak!.......Striped might look better though, hmm.