Friday, September 27, 2013

Infinity: Morat Agression Force!

Finally had time to finish up the original starter for my Combined army, and also busted out the Zerat Hacker at about the same time! Had the Zerat sitting on my desk, just bare white primer for a long time. I was really struggling with color placement on her, and since Infinity figs are so clean, you really have to think about that before you start slingin the paint.

Scarab helped me immensely with the color choices and placement, otherwise I don't think she'd be even close to finished yet. The Vanguards were pretty easy as I had already finished one a while back when I first got the box set.

More pics when you click!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Grim's IMC Prize Support

The IMC has come and gone…
As prize support for the IMC I put a few weeks of nightly paint sessions into these guys and they were finished just in the nick of time.  I finished these three at 2:30AM Sept 14th, giving me just enough time to sleep for approx 4 hours, and spend the entire day at the Intermountain Cup.  I had a good time at the cup, and was glad that we were able to provide some prize support for this enormous event.
Here is a pic: I hope that the person who won these in the raffle enjoys them.

Thanks for Watching!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Piper of Tir-Na-Bor

Finished up this tiny little bugger a little while back. I really, really enjoy painting them a lot! This one is an older fig in the Rackham line, so is a little more static, but I love how cartooney the faces were back then!
I threw in a group shot since I had rounded these guys out to a solid little force of five. Thanks for looking. Scotty-

Monday, September 16, 2013

Inter Mountain Cup recap

This past weekend in Ogden, UT the IMC Fall tournament took place. 64 slots for players and I believe 58 attended that day. It was a great turnout with a professional camera man and a wonderful painting contest. Here are my photos from the event.

Geek Garage raffle prizes.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clash for a cure: Saxon Orrick

Got my donation to the C4C finished a while back as well, but just now found a second to slap him on up here. Kind of went all over the place with the coloring on this guy, but I think it came together well in the end.
I went fairly simple for the base, but wanted it to look like a native part of our (southern) Utah landscape. Hence the red dirt and dead grass!

Thanks for taking a look!