Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Few W's. I. P.

Well, its been awhile since I've posted anything up here, for that I apologize. I'd like to start by welcoming Wild Chevy to the crew. Hope to see some good things out of ya WC, and I'm glad to have you aboard.

As far as painting goes... well I've been in a funk. Having a hard time getting motivated. So I went to my bread and butter. These Rackham Tir Na Bor Dwarves always have a way of pulling me out of my painting funks. Ive been working on this guy for the past couple of months. I think Im finished with his face, and pretty close to being done altogether... the NMM on his Axe is going to kill me though!!! GAH! I struggle with that sooooo much. Need to get back to practicing more. Anyhow here are a few pics of ol' Brognir.


Here is another dude I have been working on lately. Brognir's big brother a Rackham Son of Uren model... another one of the Rackham Tir Na Bor beauties. I did some mild conversion work here... anyone notice? He is just barely in the beginning stages. Basecoat couple of washes one highlight. Still have a few more glazes to go and then a few highlights to blend him better. Anyhow here are the pics:

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. We are doing some new things with the blog so throw a bookmark on our site and check back regularly. We have added a few more members and are trying to branch out and post more about our hobby. Stay tuned!!


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